Fowl in Chinese master sauce

Fowl in Chinese master sauce

Here an example what you can do with Chinese master sauce; the everlasting all-purpose Chinese marinade. You can find the recipe here.

The word fowl is used because this recipe is usable for chicken ánd duck.

There are several ways to prepare your fowl. Marinated for a long time so the flavours have soaked through all of the meat, or just quickly cooked in the marinade so only the outer layer has the Chinese master sauce flavour on it. A cripsy skin is optional.

I am talking about a whole chicken/duck in these recipes; but you can also use thighs/legs/breasts etc.

Quick & cooked.

Put the fowl breast-down in the Chinese master sauce. Pick a pan that fits the whole chicken/duck perfectly. The bird has to be fully submerged. Bring it to boil and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Turn the bird and let it cook another 3 minutes. You can chop up the chicken and use it in a salad, a stir-fry or as a side-dish.

If you want to make the skin crispy; heat oil in a wok and brown the whole chicken on all sides.

Thorougly marinated & oven.

Pick a pan that fits the whole bird perfectly and add the Chinese master sauce. Let it marinate 12 to 24 hours. Put it on the stove and cook the bird in the marinade 10 minutes breast down and 5 minutes breast up. Preheat the oven on 180C/350F. Pat the bird dry on the outside an inside. If you can; loosen the skin from the bird by going under the skin with a desert spoon. Mix oil and Chinese mastersauce 50/50 and rub it on the inside, outside and under the skin. Put the bird in an ovendish and in the oven; 20 minutes for every 500g/1lb. When it is done (you can check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer) put some Chinese master sauce on the bird with a spoon; raise the temperature to 220C/450F for another 10 minutes to make it extra crispy.

Serving ideas:

Roasted sesameseeds, scallion, fresh red pepper, Sichuan pepper or coriander/cilantro.

On the photo the chicken is served on bok choy.

Where did you get that from?

For the pan I used the lid of a chicken roasting pan like this one, on sale on amazon.:

I got mine from a 2nd hand shop, but it is so awesome to work with that it has been used so much that it is time for a new one. The cool thing about these kind of roasting pans is the lid; the lid is a second roasting pan! If I do not roast any potatoes or vegetables with my chicken I use the lid. I use the bottom of the pan to cover the chicken if a recipe requires it; and take it off to give it a nice brown crust at the end. Because the lid is less deep then the actual pan; I can see better how my chicken or duck is doing.

The lid also is ribbed so the fowl sticks less to the bottom. It can also be used on the stove. And I also found out it can be used to train ducklings how to swim (or cruely prepare them for their destiny? =/ ). So it’s really a mutli-purpose pan. 😛

baby duck in pan
Proof! 😛